Things to do in Agonda

Beauty Parlour / Salon

Beauty Parlor / Salon is the best way to look on self. the best women are beautiful in themselves but a little makeup does help a lot and it keep want to make their time better or happier there are many Beauty Parlor / Salon in Agonda.

The first recommendation will be the Looks Parlor and Maya’s Parlor. From the resort it is just a 10 minutes walk.

beauty parlour and salon in agonda

Restaurants in Agonda

If you are foodie and want to try different restaurants then this is the place to come and try different cuisines. The whole beach is covered with different multi cuisine restaurants. Among the all famous restaurants are Mahaveer’s Kitchen, Fathima Corner and The Blue Planet Cafe. Mahaveer’s kitchen is about 10 minutes walk distance from The Bay Agonda Resort. ¬†Fatima corner about a kilometre away and The Blue Planet Cafe is around 3 km away from the resort. The Blue Planet Cafe the mostly serve the vegetarian food.
restaurants in agonda

Horse Riding

It is one of the best things to do in here. It is the most popular style of equine sport Agonda beach is approximately around 1.5 km long coast. The travelers have to book the Horse Riding well in advance to enjoy it. The person who guide you about Horse Riding is Mr. Harish Rajput they have particular timing slots for Horse Riding morning it starts from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and again from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the evening the price list for horse riding is as follows 15 minutes 600 30 minutes 1000 60 minutes 800 Jungle riding for couples two and half hours 6000.
horse riding in agonda


It is one of the best water sports in Agonda and most of the travelers love to do it. Surfing is the water sport in which a rider or surfer rides on the forward or deep face off moving waves. One can buy the surfing board from Agonda town or can rent it on our faces they normally charge you 300 rupees per hour if you are planning to rent one.
surfing in agonda


Kayak tour is ideal for those who love kayaking The Bay Agonda Resort offers guest a range of water activities. Book a room and experience kayaking in river as well as in the sea. One can rent Kayak at the resort of rupees 250 per hour come on Kayak tour with us and discover the flora and fauna of river Saleri and Arabian Sea it’s fun doing kayaking in backwaters as one can discover many birds kayaks are entered by the resort as well as by The other resorts of the Beach.
kayak ride in agonda

Yoga Retreat Centre

Yoga is a 5000 years old Indian philosophy that combines exercise breathing diet relaxation and meditation it is the combination of physical and mental discipline. In which the body gets stronger and healthy year Sampoorna Yoga Retreat Centre which is one of the famous Yoga Retreat Centre there are many Yoga Retreat Centres in around but if you are looking for a yoga holiday The Bay Agonda Resort is the best place to stay and Sampoorna Yoga Retreat Centre various styles and ongoing retreats are offered during the seasons Sampoorna Yoga Office Yoga Retreat as well as Health and Wellness Holiday.
yoga retreat in agonda